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Schedule of the 1st International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA2007)

For Team Leaders

30th November – 9th December, 2007
Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand

30 Nov
08.00–12.00Arrival/RegistrationPSK Hotel
12.00–13.00LunchPSK Hotel
13.00–17.00Free timePSK Hotel
17.00–20.00ReceptionChiang Mai City
20.00Free timePSK Hotel
1 Dec
10.00–12.00Opening CeremonyCMU Convention Centre
12.00–13.00LunchCMU Convention Centre
13.00–15.00Check equipments for observation examinationPSK Hotel
15.00–17.00International Board MeetingPSK Hotel
18.00–19.00DinnerPSK Hotel
19.00–21.00Translation of observation examination paperPSK Hotel
2 Dec
09.00–12.00Free timePSK Hotel
12.00–13.00LunchPSK Hotel
13.00–16.00Discussion on practical examination (data analysis)PSK Hotel
17.30–18.30DinnerPSK Hotel
18.30–22.00Discussion (continued)PSK Hotel
22.00–24.00Translation of practical examination paper (data analysis)PSK Hotel
3 Dec
09.00–12.00ExcursionDoi Suthep Temple
Phu Ping Palace
Sirindhorn Observatory
12.00–13.00LunchOn location
13.00–17.00ExcursionRatchaphruek Gardens
17.30–18.30DinnerOn location
18.30–22.00ExcursionChiang Mai Night Safari
4 Dec
09.00–12.00Discussion on theory examinationPSK Hotel
12.00–13.00LunchPSK Hotel
13.00–17.00Discussion on theory examination (continued)PSK Hotel
17.30–18.30DinnerPSK Hotel
18.30–21.30Tranlation of theory examination paper
5 Dec
09.00–12.00Free timePSK Hotel
12.00–13.00LunchPSK Hotel
13.00–17.00Moderation (data analysis)PSK Hotel
17.30–18.30DinnerPSK Hotel
18.30–22.00Attending His Majesty the King's Birthday CelebrationsChiang Mai City
22.00Return to hotelPSK Hotel
6 Dec
08.00–12.00ExcursionDoi Inthanon
12.00–13.00LunchOn location
13.00–16.00ExcursionDoi Inthanon
Return to CMUChiang Mai University
17.00–18.30DinnerPSK Hotel
18.30–22.00Marking theory examination
7 Dec
10.00–12.00Moderation (theory)PSK Hotel
12.00–13.00LunchPSK Hotel
13.00–15.00Moderation (theory) (continued)PSK Hotel
18.00–19.00DinnerPSK Hotel
19.00–21.00International Board MeetingPSK Hotel
8 Dec
08.00–09.00Registration for Closing CeremonyBan Saen Tong Room, PSK Hotel
09.00–12.00Awards and Closing CeremonyBan Saen Tong Room, PSK Hotel
12.00–13.00LunchPSK Hotel
13.00–16.00Free time and shoppingChiang Mai City
16.00–21.00Khantok Dinner (Kat Mua Khrua Laeng)CMU Campus
21.00Return to hotelPSK Hotel
9 Dec
09.00–16.00DepartureChiang Mai Airport
12.00–13.00LunchPSK Hotel
18.00–19.00Dinner (for late departures)PSK Hotel


  1. Daily breakfasts at UNISERV (CMU) for students and PSK Hotel for team leaders are provided.
  2. Souvenir local dress will be provided for the Khantok dinner on 8 December 2007. There will be performances by some participating teams as requested.
  3. PSK Hotel is Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew.