The first International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics is to commemorate His Majesty the King's 80th Birthday and H.R.H. Princess Galyani Vadhana's 84th Birthday in the year 2007.

But it is sad that Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, the beloved sister of His Majesty the King, passed away at 02:54 a.m. Wednesday, 2nd January 2008 after a lengthy illness at Siriraj Hospital, the Royal Houselhold Bureau has announced.

IOAA is designed to be a truly international organization on Astronomy and Astrophysics competitions. The organization is run by an international committee, whose members are elected from international members of the organization.

The purpose of IOAA is to promote interests and educations on astronomy and astrophysics of high school students. By participating in the competitions, students will have opportunities to meet fellow students of the same interests and make friends. This will lead to good understandings among countries and hence collaboration in future researches.
IOAA organizes a yearly competition on astronomy and astrophysics for high school students. Each member "country" takes turn to host this event. The first one will be in Thailand, the second one in Indonesia, and the third one in Iran.
Activity Log

30 November

  • Almost every team has arrived in Chiang Mai safely, and enjoyed the welcome party, while getting to know each other in a pleasant breezy evening. Korea and Bangladesh teams were still on the way.

  • Nepal has cancelled their participation as an observer.

1 December

  • Every team has arrived safely.
  • In the late morning, there was the opening ceremony of the 1st IOAA. Today might be officially regarded as the first day of the competition, though this is not at all a competition, but a place where students who share the same interest are met and gotten to know each other. This is the very purpose of IOAA.

  • Ukraine team came with super cool jackets!

  • In the afternoon, students and team leaders, on electric cars, toured around Chiang Mai University, which was situated at the base of Suthep Mountain.

  • Meanwhile, team leaders and board committee were having their good time together ...

2 December

  • In the morning and afternoon, students went to Mae Rim Learning Center, where they learned about traditional northern way of life and its compatibility with the King's principle of sufficient economy ...

  • ... as well as engaging in physical activities. Just wish they were not too tired!

  • Meanwhile, team leaders and academic staff were working on the data analysis examination until late at night.
  • In the evening until the witching hour, students had their five-hour observation examination.

3 December

  • Students took data analysis examination in the afternoon.

  • On the other hand, team leaders spent the whole day with the excursion all around Chiang Mai after working hard the day before.

4 December

  • Today was the students' turn to take a full-day rest.

  • Team leaders, however, worked hard all day long again on the theoretical examination paper.

5 December

  • Students took five-hour theoretical examination in the morning, while team leaders enjoyed their free time ...

  • ... or, perhaps, prepared themselves for moderation of data analysis examination result in the afternoon.
  • In the evening, almost everyone attended His Majesty the King's Birthday Celebration at Chiang Mai City as this is His birthday and also Father's Day. Have you ever told your father how much you love and care for him? If the answer is no, an opportunity has come.
  • Short clip from the celebration (Quicktime format, 9 MB)

6 December

  • Students, now devoid of all IOAA examinations, went to Mae Sa Elephant Training Camp, orchid farm, Bor Sang, and hot springs.

  • Team leaders went to Doi Inthanon and visited the highest spot of Thailand.
  • Marking of theoretical examination began in the evening.

7 December

  • Students took their turn to visit Doi Inthanon.
  • Team leaders had their final sessions of moderation today —the moderation of theoretical examination result. In the evening, we could really feel the atmosphere of relaxation and laughters all around. Everyone was going to go back home soon. Prize announcement would be put here on the web after the beginning of the closing ceremony tomorrow.
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